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Cloud9 has master plans for your events. even if it’s about a small get-together you’re going to get your event managed efficiently with us. we believe that time and constant flow is the key to successful concert. if you’re arranging an event that’s the actual exciter, we’re going to help you manage it the most efficient way. music extents, cultures, tastes and managing a music concerts matters a lot to music lovers. it’s wonderful for music lovers to be in concerts and cloud9 adds to the ambience, fun, love and entertainment. we have productivity and zest to provide ideas and resources that guarantee your positive experience and successful event. we are an independent event management company for the concerts and our services for clients are event management, concert planning, promotional events management and many more. we effectively hold concerts and and come up with add on services like professional djs, musicians, singers, and dancers for the event.
We opportunely cater the superior requirements of clients and coordinate with them in all the matters regarding budget and administration of events in the well-organized manner. we also help in publicity for concerts and events to assure that it gets viewed by the crowds to upsurge participation.
we cover a huge market in dubai and lahore and offer a wide range of entertainment services in the area. you get particular services for the eentire show with us. when we organize a concert for you, we shall be the first person to get in and the last person out, so good punctuality during every stage of planning your event will be essential.
We have originated great success because of profitable deals with venues thus creating a jointly beneficial relationship that turn out to be very valuable for customers.

Movie Promotion

A film promotional event having no spectators assuredly flops. When you think of arranging an event, you’ll absolutely want to make it a sell out or get an expected number of people getting registered as per targets.
Our movie promotion plan will cover all the exertions made to effectively market your movie. The aim of cloud9 is to extend number of people to attend the event and subsequently to increase attendance, number of registrations or ticket being sold. Our company’s creativity saves your money and you create a positive image in your viewer’s eyes. We come up with artistic and outrageous promotional events to help you get incredible success out of these events. The fact is inevitable that movies cost a lot of money and needs breathtaking special efforts and big efforts to make it successful. In order to make the efforts and expense value it, there is a sheer need to plan a promotional event that is well organized marketed and managed.
Marketing a film surely plays a very important part in enhancing production’s revenue. We create , manage and implement well organized, entertaining and efficient promotional event for your film.
We come up with up-to-date trends of promoting your films in a diverse and unique ways to enhance the market reach and to increase your profits as well. We add value to your talent hunt shows and promotional events by delivering matchless services. The coolest about the event’s is that people will stop, witness, and then happily stay.

Private Parties

People often throw private parties for their special occasions to make them memorable forever. Organizers manage private parties like birthday parties, wedding, engagement parties, glamour parties, kitty parties , or merely an occasion to get togethers.
Cloud 9, through their experience joined with an artistic vision and promise to deliver, will give you an cherished party. From choice of the theme to the decorations, arrangement of food and drinks to managing entertainment and executing the whole event until guests leave is efficiently managed by us.
From birthday parties to wedding receptions whatever occasion you’re intending to celebrate, we guarantee that you and your guests will have wonderful and lifelong memories. We have professional teams to take care of if you find arranging and managing your event a hectic and time-consuming task and need help with arrangement of your dream party, let us know so that we can be with you all the way to make your celebration memorable.
Cloud9 promises to deliver a fascinating experience with our professional and enthusiastic team. We shall take your event by the reigns and systematise everything for you, from the venue to the food & beverages and entertainment through the entire event. We shall come up with a splendid party that meets your taste
You don’t have to worry about choosing elite event organizers to plan your party or occasion as we’ll assure that people fondly remember your event in days to come.


Exhibitions are the most active ways to present your product and services to people. It should be artistic, inventive, unique and beautiful so that it can form a positive impression about the product. If you are intending to plan an event for exhibition and looking for an event organiser in dubai, then cloud9 can definitely be helpful. We work as leading event organizers in dubai and helping people promote their products and brands. You will get services tailored to your requirements for an exhibition like seating, lights, sound, fabrication and furniture. We are going to serve you with full devotion and you will love our services. Exhibition will be designed and managed in a away that that viewers will love the charismatic way it will be presented in. We have various designs, strategies, shapes and size of exhibition stalls which will create an unmarked image of your product. We have professional, specialized, talented staff and artists to make your exhibition more captivating.
If you’re looking for the best event organizers for exhibition events & trade fair organisers in dubai.
You better choose cloud9 because we do our work with devotion, commitment and perfection. We can tailor the event according to your requirement. Feel free to contact us anytime related to any query or bookings.
We will organize trade and industry exhibitions that includes promotion of your products many others. Our exhibition would become such an effective publicity tool that attract your viewers (buyers, sellers and even rivals) towards it. Our exhibition planners reflect and forecast about how to deal with issues that could potentially arise during the exhibition.

Award Show

Celebration of successes and achievements, regardless of the scope of social activity or business they cover, is trendy now and gaining a crazy level of popularity. Behind every successful event, there is precise research, watchful planning, untiring work, composite logistics and inspiration. Award shows are extremely glitzy events. It is vital to hire an event management team with significant experience. The significance of event management is that the attendees expect a lot from such shows. It is because they come to such events to unwind. Cloud9 will bring you the best harmony, music, set-designs, as well as lightening setups and try our best to tailor your award ceremonies the way you want them to be.
Chief desirability of your show in the visual ground is the stage of your show. As the winners, superstars, anchors, celebrities and speakers will be using it and eyes will be on stage so, the stage has to be amazingly designed and erected with the best, design, decoration, lighting, sound, and displays.
Our management team has a very professional tactic in selling, managing organizing, producing and implementing events like award shows.
Cconsider hiring cloud9 in dubai to take all your headaches and disturbances that can occur when you try organizeing the event yourself. We do everything with delicacy so that your stage looks alluring to the top level. Cloud9 is committed to providee our client with the supreme quality and most expert service accessible in the industry.


Festivals keep us devoted to relationships in society. It brings a sense of unity. Unity is the most influential armament to fight with an obstacle in life when families get together at festivals, it’s the most precious and elated time. Festivals always spread unity, brotherhood and faith among humans. Festivals attracts viewers, travellers & tourists from around the world the entire year thus creating a great chance to create unity, harmony and love among people. Cloud9 event organizers in dubai plan, design, implement and execute events and events like festivals that are used to help local economies, crowds and communities.
Managing traditional events and festivals help one interact with the locals in your new country and get introduced to their culture.Embracing festivals bring competent marketing and management skills and a thorough understanding of the trends in events and the tourism industry, direct & indirect economics and social and cultural impacts as well.
We shall get all the logistics planned and you’re going to have fun and a rush-free festival such that your fans will be admiring you for the whole year. We are eager to make festivals and special events important medium for the non profit and public organizations to follow through their missions and to be a reagent for community development.


Conference create a platform where businesspersons and industry specialists meet, business partners, likeminded people and industry peers. Corporates, hotels, institutes for higher education, for profit and nonprofit organizations, local authoritiess and specialist conference companies intend to plan conferences. Business conferences you commence the name of your business, help people know your brand and ultimately put a novel and positive impression about you on their minds. Conferences need watchful planning and a vigilant effort by event planners to get anticipated success. Cloud 9 create eye-catching stand designs and interactions that make you the talk of the town.
Cloud9 event planners plan, organize manage and coordinatee the conferences/tradeshows exhibit and events that you yearn for. Our services include artistic services, stage supervision, offering delicacies, taking care of venue and layout and adding networking and theme development. You will have suitable space for your conference.
You’re going to get everything you need like audio/video and other technology, registration areas and catering , proper seating and presentation areas · printed materials, signage and graphics , guest management and inspired team-building activities.
When cloud nine events crafts your gala dinner experience, all entertainment, catering, venue decor, ambiance, networking and gifts or souvenirs are guaranteed to give your guests a welcome change of pace from other corporate events,We’re inventive, cooperative, well organized and on top of theat we’re well aware of the trends in the industry. No matter if you’re on the hunt for new business resources, dazzling ideas for your existing business or stellar business partners, conferences play a big part in getting success and so does the conference management. Cloud 9 will get a plan chalked out in such a way that it should attract and captivate attendees with well devised and organized strategy. We can make your conference attendance histrionically boost your professional & personal development. We come up with an environment of brilliance with exclusive and reasonably priced event management.
Video projection 3d projection mapping indoor and outdoor high-resolution, led video walls or panels flat-screen monitors broadcast video camera systems media services audio pa systems full-concert sound systems conventional event and mood lighting moving lights led lighting (wired or wireless) stage lighting video support video technicians stage management survey staff support camera operation teleprompter support and set-up webcast support presentation support (powerpoint, keynote) screen resolution management fully customised solution are the conveniences you will get at cloud 9.

Fashion Shows

Our world is occupied by fashion, trends and modelling, fashion shows are enormously important. Their admiration and popularity have grown rapidly and is becoming the foremost event in the fashion industry. Ffashion designers reflect fashion shows and events as integral and most worthy part of their careers. Fashion shows gives one the occasion to do professional photo shootings to improve and enrich one’s portfolio. The help you get familiar with hot trends topical collections of designers.
Designers organize and arrange ffashion shows everywhere in the world, giving them a chance to explore cultures of the world. These shows help them promote their designs, projects, dresses and craftsmanships. Cloud9 is an experienced and professional event management and planning company that has outshined in holding events.When you launch your brand, we combine our storytelling, innovation, venue management, sponsor management, media relationships and showstopping creativity to give your brand a huge splash that will make waves in your market.
We have a crew of professionals and experts to plan fashion shows and implement them according to customer’s prerequisites. A decent network of connections with the choreographers, backstage workers, videographers, technicians and stage designers. With support of renowned industry experts and professionals, we make your dreams come true. From the early plan to the end of the show, cloud9 ensures that fashion shows go smooth and uphold international standards.
We host and organize fashion fairs, events and exhibitions in way that put all your needs to rest. A fashion show takes long to plan an effective program. As one of the expert event planers, we have tactics that will help grow number of clients’ and brand recognition.

Night Clubs

When young people find their selves stressed out after a busy week, decide to attend night clubs to release themselves from anxiety. They socialize, blow off steam, listen to music, enjoy, and find mates with same interests and tastes. People visit nightclubs to socialize and make new friends. Everybody who walks in could be a new ally, a friend or love interest. The clubgoers spend hours listening to hot tunes and music helps one reduce stress, ease pain, improves mood and brings joy. Cloud 9 is the finest event manager in dubai that also manages night clubs with deejays who select and perfectly blends pre-recorded tunes for audience.

Giving you ample entertainment that is fit for your special moment. We organize theme parties, night parties, private parties, birthday parties and club parties. Cloud 9 gives you one the finest club night management and offers excellent drink deals and spooktacular with your hearts belting on our karaoke and music.

Our night club will make efforts to ornate decor, dancers, performance artists to entertain guests. Djs and celebrities will be bigger captivation for you. Our night clubs can either be used by family members to rejoice an event or even have fun with father, mother siblings and children. Social clubs are a good choice if you’re less social at your current residence. There are so many events for you to pick a place plan and book a night club with us. Have amazing drinks, enjoy the atmosphere, meet and greet new people and let the stress out by booking a night club in dubai with cloud9.


Wedding is the event that you remember till you breathe your last. The day when you’re religiously and legally united with your life partner is the biggest event worth a great celebration.
Cloud9 works to plan, organize and direct your wedding, fashion themes, scheme the wedding drawings, settle the decoration, lights, sound system and required technical equipment. Video making, photography and entertainment ads to the delight for your wedding. Cloud 9 looks for the speediest ways and the finest quality for production and for themed events in particulars for weddings in dubai.We take care of event planning, production, vip protocol, registration, catering, entertainment, audio-visual set-up, media office and more. If anything goes wrong, we already have a contingency plan for crisis management and happy endings.
Our management team ensures that

  • All hi-tech systems and interactive activations are working perfectly
  • MCs, performers, speakers and VIPs are all on track
  • All production and artistic elements are arranged for maximum effect
By the time guests arrive, our team anticipates and plans for any obstacles that may arise, including last-minute changes. Throughout the event, we monitor guest reaction, crowd flow and audience energy.
We remain accessible when and where you need us, every step of the way.
Attendees are captivated if the complete event is prearranged and performed in an attractive way, elegant style and perfect fashion. From little details to the biggest issues that border a wedding, we take care of everything. With a large network of event catering, we deliver finest solutions to concerts, conference management, sports events, weddings and music festivals.
Cloud 9 delivers steadfast, committed as well as highly profiled wedding and event management services that focusses on planning and coordinating extravagance weddings for families and couples. We specialize in tailoring events as per needs of the customers. Having strong bonds with professional suppliers to the event planners in dubai, our team ensures matchless elegance, novelty and joyful feeling of whole event. From the beginning to end, assuring that you get the most enjoyable experience and event, we have weddings professional hired for captivated and classy wedding ideas. Cloud 9, through it’s supreme style and contacts with best wedding professionals and venues all over dubai, make sure that your wedding function goes well and streamlined.

Business Summits

Every year hundreds of people from many mid-sized and higher level national and multi-national corporates happen to attend business summits. People gather, share and learn from these events thus taking productivity and reputation of their company to new heights. Summits last two to three days and gather top management from their tough schedule to a central point with so many costs and expenses. But if managed and organized well, these events can be a milestone for companies to line up the leaders, create solutions to problems and bring new strategies.
Exchanging ideas through Breakout sessions, open mic questions and answers with top management ads to the value. Cloud 9 creates an extravagant environment for business leading figures, thinkers, entrepreneurs’ futurists and innovators to get most out of these summits.
Cloud 9 plans an informal area that will be an upsized lounge in your event even to get people talk and enjoy a great peaceful place for gossip. Your guests will get comfortable and exciting seating arrangements and people would like talking and sitting long-term to form meaningful relationships. Cloud 9’s Interactive décor always engages attendees and its a fantastic idea to make your get together successful. It’s not just aimed at business relationship or brand but also interesting for guests to capture these memorable moments for days to come.
Decor and styling of the event will be a assured whether it’s about themes or sourcing. Additives like whiteboards are excellent brainstorming tool and perfect collaboration and illustration. Notes can be immediately saved and shared with other members post-meeting. If you want your business summit to become a breakthrough for your company’s growth, call us for managing your event in a great way!