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Cloud 9 comes up with a wide range of event planning services and endeavour to surpass the expectations of clients to make their dreams come true with dainty and well-crafted themes, designs and styles. We specialize in managing events exquisitely to make them captivating, enduring and rememberable for years to come.

Our services

At cloud 9 events, we offer panoramic event management solutions and services in Dubai, for all kinds of events. Cloud 9 orchestrates, designs and executes a wide range of special events for you such as Conferences, Wedding ceremonies, Award shows, Exhibitions, Night clubs, Movie promotional event, Music concerts and many more.


Clloud9 has Master Plans For Your Events. Even If It’s About A Small Get-Together You’re Going To Get Your Event Managed Efficiently with us.

Movie Promotion

A Film Promotional Event Having No Spectators Assuredly Flops. When You Think Of Arranging An Event, You’ll Absolutely Want To Make It A Sell Out.
Private Parties

People often throw private parties for their special occasions to make them memorable forever.


Exhibitions Are The Most Active Ways To Present Your Product And Services To People. It Should Be Artistic, Inventive, Unique And Beautiful.

Award Show

Celebration Of Successes And Achievements, Regardless Of The Scope Of Social Activity Or Business They Cover, Is Trendy Now And Gaining A Crazy Level Of Popularity.

Festivals Keep Us Devoted To Relationships In Society. It Brings A Sense Of Unity. Unity Is The Most Influential Armament To Fight With An Obstacle In Life.

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